Employment Opportunity

Employment Opportunity

POSITION: Principal Department: Indian Springs School
Term: Full-Time SALARY: To be determined
Reports to: Director of Operations Close Date: Open until Filled
Position Summary:
The ISS Principal serves as the educational leader and is responsible for the detailed organization of the
school, the development of the instructional program and general operation of the school facility. These
responsibilities entail supervising and evaluating teachers and support staff and in creating a cohesive,
stimulating and enriching learning environment for students from Kindergarten to Grade 8.
Duties and Responsibilities:
• Responsible for the daily supervision of the school, students, teachers, maintenance and support
• Review programs to ensure conformance to provincial standards and develop programs within
limits of authority,
• Administer the Education Program budget,
• Clearly articulates the educational philosophy (“vision”) of Swan Lake First Nation consistent with
ISS expectations to the school and community,
• Assesses the educational needs of the community and plan accordingly;
• keep informed of current practices and techniques relating to school programs, teaching and
administration by attending meetings and professional development conferences,
• Establishes and maintains clear lines of authority and responsibility; establish procedures
whereby the access of visitors to the school can be monitored and controlled,
• Supervises and evaluates instructional programs; establish annual workplans with staff detailing
school goals, objectives and timelines consistent with educational policies,
• Coordinate and foster the development of programs within the school to best meet the needs and
interests of the students including the establishment and evaluation of a special needs program
where required,
• Assist the teaching staff in the development, implementation, modifications, and selection of
curriculum materials and keep the Director of Operations informed as to any modifications in or
substitution of approved courses,
• Responsible for the preparation and supervision of timetables, class lists and schedules,
• Develops and monitors supervisory schedules for all school routines and informs staff of any
significant changes in programs, routines and procedures,
• Responsible for the proper registration and transfer of students in the school and for the
maintenance of up-to-date student cumulative records,
• Responsible for the disciplinary authority over each student while on school premises, going to
and from school, while riding on school buses and taking part in authorized school activities,
• Responsible for the provision of supervision of students and student activities in the school
buildings, on school grounds, while loading or unloading from school buses, or involved in field
trips or other student activities sponsored by the school,
• Direct the evaluation of student progress and achievement to parents; maintain communication
with parents or guardians regarding the school program, student achievement, placement and

• Maintains records and files and the preparation of submission reports; conduct annual reporting
as per AANDC reporting guidelines,
• Suggest appropriate changes in and ensure adherence to approved policies, practices and
procedures within area of responsibility,
• Matches allocation of financial resources to the school objectives in a proportionally appropriate
• Establish procedures for the purpose and receipt of materials and supplies necessary to support
the instructional program; ensure that there is a system of accounting for monies from student
activities, student fees, gifts or other funds belonging to school or to any student group within the
• Establish appropriate procedures for the control of all school textbooks, materials and equipment;
oversees the maintenance and updating of instructional materials and equipment,
• Responsible for managing the policies, regulations and procedures to ensure that students are
supervised in a safe school environment,
• Supports and encourages Teacher participation in Departmental curriculum committees and pilot
• Encourages professional and personal development of staff as per budget – in-services
internal/external training,
• Provides opportunities for staff involvement when appropriate, delegate duties and
responsibilities effectively,
• Identify instructional and support staff needs and recruit staff with Human Resources to address
these needs effectively,
• Supervises, evaluates and documents the performance of staff within the ISS Education Policy
guidelines and according to needs of the individual and school needs,
• Provide an orientation program for all new teaching staff and support staff,
• See that instructions are prepared for the guidance of substitute teachers,
• Hold regular staff meetings for the purpose of discussing educational and administrative matters,
• Designate a member of the teaching staff of the school to assume the duties and responsibilities
of the Principal in the Principal’s absence and inform the Director of Operations and staff of the
person designated,
• Oversee the Breakfast Program and staff,
• Direct and coordinate school maintenance services and use of the school facilities; encourage
community use of school facilities,
• Inspect the school grounds and buildings to ensure they are free from hazards which might cause
accidents and notify the Director of Operation of any conditions that need to be remedied; keep
the Director of Operations advised as to the conditions and needs of the school,
• In the event of any damage to the school premises which appears to have deliberate, it shall be
reported to the MFNPS and Director of Operations,
• Report all accidents or injuries of students or staff to the Director of Operations,
• Conduct fire drills as required by regulations and see that all staff and students within the school
are familiar with fire drill procedures should a fire occur; ensure fire exit signs be place at all exits
where appropriate,
• Committed to establishing and maintaining a positive image of ISS, staff, students and programs;
build working relationships with administration and the community,
• Interacts positively with the community to develop a supportive relationship for the benefit of
• Develop and support a high degree of student morale through curricular and extracurricular
activities and services; encourage the participation of all staff and teaching staff in the
extracurricular program,
• Work cooperatively with outside agencies such as DOCFS, Community Health Services, MFNPS,

• Responsible to refer to the Community Health Nurse any child who appears to have a
communicable disease or to be in need of attention for other health reasons
• Perform other duties as required
Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
• Master of Education preferred, Bachelor of education degree with a certificate in
School Leadership;.
• Valid Manitoba Teaching Certificate;
• Minimum five years of teaching experience, preferably in a First Nations school setting;
• Experience knowledge of virtual teaching and learning best practices;
• Experience in teacher supervision, training and development;
• Familiarity with virtual school program policies and instructional strategies; and
• Understanding of technical issues affecting learning management system.
• Knowledge of AANDC Elementary/Secondary Education Program – National Program
• Knowledge of Bill C-33: First Nations Control of First Nations Education Act/ Manitoba
• Knowledge of Manitoba Public Schools Act and Manitoba Education Administration Act
• An understanding of relevant legislation, policies and procedures including the Indian Act
• Be familiar with all government financial legislation, policies and procedures
• Knowledge of all budget and funding requirements
• Knowledge of curriculum and teaching strategies
• Strong supervisory and leadership skills
• Demonstrated ability to build productive teams of staff performing varied functions
• Encourages good staff morale, cooperation, and mutual respect
• Contract and negotiation skills
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Team leadership and management skills
• Time management and Stress management skills
• Valid Drivers license and reliable vehicle.
Must have clear Criminal Record Check, Vulnerable Sector Check and Child Abuse Registry Check to accompany
application. Must be willing to submit random drug testing.
ONLINE: https://www.policesolutions.ca/checks/services/mfnp
We thank all applicants for applying and advise that only candidates selected for an interview will be contacted.
Deadline for submission: Open until filled.
Please submit resume, cover letter and references with position applying for in subject box to:
Human Resources Manager – Swan Lake First Nation
Email: careers@slfn293.ca
Tel: (204) 836-2101 Fax: (204) 836-2255

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