Lands Department

Lands Department

The Land Management Program is funded through the Reserve Land and Environmental Management Program (RLEMP) Indigenous and Affairs Canada (INAC). The program establishes mechanisms for the First Nation to be involved in a wide spectrum of land management activities including; land use planning, environmental management and compliance. These activities enables the First Nation to exercise more control and management with respect to the land leases, land permits, land development projects, land use, land improvements and monitoring the overall condition of the lands.

The First Nation lands were controlled and managed by Indian Affairs Canada from 1876 to 1981, a period of 105 year period. All matters concerning land transactions, roads, natural resources and agricultural leases and permits required the permission of the Crowns and Indian Affairs representatives. All land lease had to be approved by the Minister of Indian Affairs. The First Nation had minimum authority to farm and benefit from the land.

In 1981, a referendum was held to accept the administration of its lands under Section 60 of the Indian Act and to opt out of Section 74 of the Indian Act Election. These two matters were voted on at the same referendum and were accepted and passed by the members.

Section 60 of the Indian Act gave the Band Council the authority to control and manage the First Nation lands, negotiate and sign leases and permits on behalf of the Minister of Indian Affairs Canada.

Section 74 allowed the First Nation to opt out of the Indian Act Election Regulations and to establish its own election system called the Band Custom Election Act.

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