Land Management

Land Management

The Land Management Program is funded through the Reserve Land and Environmental Management Program (RLEMP) Indigenous and Affairs Canada (INAC). The program establishes mechanisms for the First Nation to be involved in a wide spectrum of land management activities including; land use planning, environmental management and compliance. These activities enables the First Nation to exercise more control and management with respect to the land leases, land permits, land development projects, land use, land improvements and monitoring the overall condition of the lands.

Swan Lake First Nation Land Code

Whereas the Anishinaabe of Swan Lake First Nation are represented by the Council of the Swan Lake First Nation;

And Whereas the Anishinaabe have a profound relationship with the land;

And Whereas the Anishinaabe are a party to Treaty Number 1;

And Whereas the traditional teachings of the Anishinaabe speak of the special obligation to care for and respect the land and the wonders of nature created on the land;

And Whereas Swan Lake First Nation wishes to manage its lands and resources, rather than having its lands and resources managed on its behalf by Canada under the Indian Act; by adhering to the Framework Agreement on First Nation Land Management concluded between Her Majesty in right of Canada and fourteen First Nations on February 12, 1996, and ratified on behalf of the Government of Canada by The First Nations Land Management, S.C. 1999, c24;

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