Manitoba First Nations Police Service to expand into Swan Lake First Nation (Updated)

Swan Lake First Nation just experienced a transfer of policing services from the RCMP to Manitoba First Nations Police Service. Inspector Dave Scott explains.

“Swan Lake put in a Band Council Resolution, and they also wanted to have Manitoba First Nations Police their communities. We’re just super-excited about moving forward with them. I know that in the past, D.O.P.S. had formerly been policing that community a number of years ago.”

Scott notes MFNPS is based upon community-based policing and Swan Lake liked the concept. Originally the change was supposed to be made on April 30th, but transfer issues delayed plans.

He notes three officers will be onsite, and the transfer is now complete with IT information, computers, etc., all installed. Scott adds they’re beginning operation on May 31st, and they will operate 24 hours a day and 365 days a year with their own police officers.

A new number is now available for police services in Swan Lake:  Police Emergency# is (204) 836-2606

Scott adds they look forward to meeting the residents of Swan Lake and working with them. New signage will be going up Friday morning.

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