Swan Lake First Nation Confidentiality Policy

Swan Lake First Nation Confidentiality Policy

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Confidentiality Policy


Policy Statement:


The Council and its personnel have a moral and legal responsibility to respect and protect the privacy of community members, its employees and those persons regularly associated with the community.


Council means Swan Lake First Nation Chief and Council

Director of Operations means the primary executive position.

Program Manager is a staff member who is responsible to manage a program with both personnel and finances. They have overall supervision of how the program is run and oversee the day to day functions of staff under their watch. They are accountable to manage funds within the scope of an approved budget.

Supervisors are those staff members who oversee day to day functions of other staff.

Community shall mean the Swan Lake First Nation.

Privacy refers to the right of an individual to keep his or her information private.

Confidentiality refers to the duty of anyone who information is shared with,  to keep that information private. This is shared personal information that generally cannot be communicated to others (third parties) without expressed consent.

Areas deemed confidential:

●     Demographic information, home conditions, educational information, domestic difficulties or any other private matters relating to any community member which have been disclosed to staff.

●     Salary, work history, performance, attendance, or any information learned regarding the employee or community member such as medical history, medical treatment, attendance at assistance programs (addictions), financial situation,  domestic disputes or any other private matters which have been disclosed to staff in the course of business is considered confidential.

●     Any information learned regarding the business affairs of the Council which has not been authorized for release. This would include all operational and financial information.

The Council and all employees are responsible for maintaining the security of all confidential information (oral, written, or computerized) heard, accessed, handled, or viewed in the course of one’s work. Communication of, or access to such information, is acceptable only in the discharge of one’s duties and responsibilities.  Information in client files must be kept in a secure place, with access only by approved personnel.

  • Discussion, gossiping and the spreading of rumours about confidential information shall not take place in public places (lobbies, smoking areas, off premises) or in the presence of persons not entitled to such information.



  1. Chief and Council as a condition of office, must sign a Pledge of Confidentiality.
  2. All employees, volunteers, or contract workers of Swan Lake First Nation, as a condition of employment, must sign a Pledge of Confidentiality. Subsequent breach of the policy may result in termination of employment. The administration of this pledge will be handled by the Human Resource Advisor or Director of Operations.


Confidentiality Declaration

Explanation and Examples – frequently asked questions

Confidentiality Waiver