Vision Statement:

“Swan Lake First Nation are strong, healthy, unified, independent and prosperous”

Mission Statement:

“As a Treaty One First Nation, all citizens will be treated fairly in a cultural and traditional way to become strong, healthy, thriving and independent”

Swan Lake First Nation (SLFN) is located in southern Manitoba, along the junction of Hwy 23 and 34. The majority of reserve lands are strategically located in close proximity to major provincial transportation corridors.

In 1995 a Treaty Land Entitlement (TLE) was settled with the Federal Government that enabled SLFN to expand the land base for future developments with a minimum of 4484 acres outstanding through careful negotiations sound community consultation, we have doubled the size of our community.

Swan Lake #7Home reservation (Indian Springs) and location of band administration8982 acres
Carberry #7AResidential and commercial developments6514 acres
Indian Gardens #8Agricultural lease640 acres
Headingley # 8ACommercial44 acres

Swan Lake First Nation is located on prime agricultural land and agriculture is an important part of its economy.

Management of Reserve Lands, SLFN Land Management Authority:

Land Code – Framework Agreement on Land Management (First Nations Land Management Act)

SLFN Land Registry System:

First Nations Land Registry System (FNLRS) – for lands that are governed by a First Nation with a Land Code pursuant to the Framework Agreement on Land Management and the First Nation Land Management Act.

Chief Yellowquill signed Treaty 1 on behalf of Swan Lake, Sandy Bay and Long Plain First Nations, which was signed in 1871 between Queen Victoria and various First Nations residing in southern Manitoba.

SLFN is affiliated with the Dakota Ojibway Tribal Council.

Population Under s.11 Indian Act

Registry (Membership)

As of August 30, 2019, Numbers

Registered members 1453

On Reserve 359

Off Reserve 1094

Total 1453

Registered Males 681

Registered Females 772

Voting Citizens 1023

Non-Citizen residents on- reserve

Non-First Nation Residents 3

Other First Nation Residents 13

Chief and Council


Jason Daniels

Term: 09/18/2021

Ends: 09/18/2023


Michael Esquash        Jason Daniels

Term: 09/18/2021      Term: 09/18/2021

Ends: 09/18/2023       Ends:09/18/2023

Roberta Morrissette   Tania Scott

Term: 09/18/2021      Term: 09/18/2021

Ends: 09/18/2023       Ends: 09/18/2023

Title: Director of Operations

Name: Leslie Hobson Wilson

The total number of employees for Swan Lake First Nation is 135

The SLFN Chief and Council are elected by community members under section 74-79 of the Indian Act, members serve for a 2-year term.

Councils and Committees within the SLFN Community:
Elders CouncilPow-wow Committee
Junior Chief & CouncilHousing Committee
Lands CommitteeLittle Buffalo Youth Camp Committee
D.O.C.F.S Committee

SLFN Departments

  • Chief and Council
  • Administration
  • Finance
  • Lands
  • Public Works/Utilities
  • Housing
  • Human Resources
  • Bylaw/Law Enforcement
  • Social Development
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Recreation
  • Communications
  • Health
  • Social/Income Assistance
  • Culture and Language
  • Internet Technology

Swan Lake also has an on-reserve school, health center, administration office, water treatment plant, daycare, recycle building, public works and housing buildings.

Wastewater treatment plant, Little Buffalo Youth Camp (Carberry).

Governance Documents

Swan Lake First Nation Policy

Labour Code 2020

Financial Policy 2005

Travel Policy 2005

Medical Transportation Policy 2005

Indian Springs School Policy 2011

Housing Policy 2011

Adoption and Amendment of Policy 2020

Swan Lake First Nation Policies

Election Regulations (Draft) 2006

Financial Policy and Procedures (Draft) 2007

Compilation of Council Policies (Draft) 2009

Complaint Handling Policy (Draft) 2009

Personnel Policy (Draft) 2009

Human Resources Policy (Draft) 2013

Administrative Policy (Draft) 2014

Housing Policy (Draft) 2016

Drug and Alcohol Policy (Draft) 2019

Discipline Handling Policy (Draft) No Date

Membership Code (Draft) No Date

Swan Lake First Nation By-Laws in Force Date Passed

No. 1-77 Garbage Disposal 1977

No. 2-77 Dog 1977

No. 3-77 Feline 1977

No. 4-77 Public Water Supply 1977

No. 5-77 Traffic 1977

No. 6-77 Firearm 1977

No. 7-77 Disorderly Conduct and Nuisance 1977

No. 8-77 Weapons 1977

No. 9-77 Curfew 1977

No. 10-77 Pound 1977

No. 11-77 Construction 1977

No. 12-77 Business 1977

No. 13-77 Trespassing 1977

No. 14-77 Hawkers and Peddlers 1977

No. 15-77 Bee Keeping 1977

No. 16-77 Noxious Weeds 1977

No. 17-77 Camping 1977

No. 20-77 Regulations for Occupancy & Building Maintenance

Standards (R.R.A.P) 1980

No. 01/06 Smoking Bylaw 2006

Zoning Bylaw (Headingley 8A) 2006

Swan Lake First Nation Manuals

Financial Policy Manual (Draft?) 2004

Land Governance Manual (In Use) 2015

Running for Council Manual (Draft?) 2019

Enterprise Policy and Procedures (Draft?) No Date

Post Secondary Training Policy Manual (Draft?) No Date

Federal Programs/Services Delivered

Programs and ServicesResponsible
Social/Income AssistanceAlison Mckinney
EducationGermain Cameron
MembershipLisa Cameron
HousingDon Scott
HealthTeresa Mikesh

First Nation Programs/ Services Delivered

Programs and ServicesResponsible
HousingDon Scott
Public WorksEd Soldier
Human ResourcesJessica Thunderbird Sky
RecreationCaitlin Kennedy
Brighter FuturesJudy Chaske

Provincial Programs/ Services Delivered

Swan Lake First Nation By-law Officer/EnforcementManitoba First Nation Police Service
Number of Officers3

Additional Authorities/Agreements

Swan Lake First Nation currently has 3 Municipal agreements.

  1. Fire agreement with the RM of Lorne (SLFN)
  2. Fire agreement with the RM of North Cypress (Carberry)
  3. Services agreement with the RM of Headingley
  4. Lease agreements

First Nation business enterprises (on-reserve)

  • A commercial buffalo ranch (SLFN)
  • Two gaming centers (SLFN, Headingley)
  • Four Corners gas bar and convenience store (SLFN)
  • Forest Hills cabin rentals and RV park (Carberry)
  • Leased office space buildings,

Phase 1 complete, Phase 2 under construction (Headingley)

  • DOCFS office rental (Carberry)
  • Conference center (Carberry)
  • SLFN, #7, 7A, and 8 agricultural land leases
  • Sand Hills Casino (Carberry) Infrastructure Service Agreement

First Nation business enterprises (off-reserve)