SLFN Enterprises

SLFN Enterprises

SLFN Enterprises was established to to create Own Source Revenue and Employment for the Swan Lake First Nation through developing Businesses and Partnerships.

Our Vision:

  • Helping the Community become Self-Sufficient
  • Improve Quality of Life, Evidenced by an Improved Standard of Living
  • Continuously Improve Socio-Economic Conditions.
  • Generate Wealth for all Community Members of Swan Lake First Nation

About Our Logo:
The SLFN Enterprises logo honors Chief Yellowquill, the first Chief of Swan Lake First Nation. Fitting as Chief Yellowquill had to lead and build to improve the quality of life of the people of the Swan Lake First Nation in the past, today and the future after the Portage Reserve split into three separate First Nation’s; that “lead and build” spirit of Chief Yellowquill mirrors the on-going mandate of SLFN Enterprises.

155 – 200 Alpine Way
Headingley, MB
R4H 0B7