Building Healthy Communities – Community Wellness

Building Healthy Communities – Community Wellness

Name of Wellness Program: Building Healthy Communities, Mental Health, Solvent Abuse & Community Wellness

History of Building Healthy Communities:
In 1998 – 1999, Manitoba had received funding to enable to each First Nation Community to address the need for community–based mental health counseling services and address community wellness.

Funding was also dedicated to Solvent Abuse for early intervention and prevention, aftercare and follow-up for individuals coming out of treatment.

Program Delivery:
Mental Health Crisis Management – Suicide intervention, grief counseling/assisting, impacts of residential School, depression and post traumatic stress.

Crisis management – identify a Crisis Intervention Training – training our community members and staff.

Crisis Planning – identify crisis response, crisis debriefing, crisis response, and follow-up for at risk individuals and suicide prevention awareness.

Solvent Abuse – planning for pre and post treatment, program coordination/promotion, and support for persons under going residential treatment, follow-up, housing needs, and early identification and intervention.

Building Healthy Communities – Community Wellness
Swan Lake First Nation Health Center
Coordinator:       Carol Cameron
Address:             Box 344 Swan Lake, M.B. R0G 2S0
Phone (work):     204-836-2424
Fax:                     204-836-2651
Cell:                     204-526-7206